Q&A: Tinted Moisturizer

5 Jun

Q: What is the best organic tinted moisturizer on the market?

A: For summer tinted moisturizers are a must! Lurking for the best one is one thing but seeking an organic one is double the trouble. Lucky for you I did the searching! My favorite one is Josie Maran’s tinted moisturizer ($38, Sephora). Its a very smooth formula that gives you that sun kissed look we all are going for this summer. Packed with SPF 30 and can be used on all skin types. Although, you’ll still need a SPF 50 moisturizer underneath to practice safe sun.

Q: What is the top five sellers of the tinted moisturizer from high to low in price ?

A:  Clinique Moisture Surged Tinted Moisturizer ($24.50, Sephora)

       Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($42 ,Sephora)

       Dior Hydra Life Pro Youth Skin tint ($39, Sephora)

       Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free ($40 ,Sephora)

       Cover FX Skin Tint & Treatment ($42, Sephora)

Q: What is the best one for black skin with the best ph balance ?

A: Unfortunatly tinted moisturizer isn’t the same as real moisturizer. Its merely skin tint that has a sheer cover. So if applied without moisturizer unerneath the tinted moisturizer will sink in skin because your ph is unbalanced. I’d say use Alba Hibiscus facial toner ($13, Ulta) your favorite moisturizer with spf and then apply your tinted moisturizer!

As far as the best one for black skin I’d go for Cover FX, Laura Mercier, and Bobbi Brown because they have a wide variety of shades that may suit you.


xoxo Zhana

Mascara of the Week: YSL

5 Jun

Ready for a sexy subtle look your man will love?!  As you know the right mascara pulls together any makeup look. Ever have a movie night with your beau and just want to dumb it down a bit. Fake a relaxed look with YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils in 5 burgundy ($30, Sephora.com). Pair it with a messy bun and CoverGirl NaturaLuxe Gloss balm ($6, drugstore). The hint of burgundy shines a different light into your eyes. He won’t know what changed but won’t stop gazing in your eyes!

Tips on how to apply mascara from Bobbi Brown:

-Blot the end of the brush on tissue to get rid of excess mascara.
-Don’t pump the wand in the tube. This will push air into the mascara and cause it to dry out.
– Holding the mascara wand parallel to the floor, work from the base to the tip of the lashes. Roll the wand as you go to separate lashes and avoid clumps.
-Always apply mascara to upper lashes from underneath; brushing mascara over the top will weigh the lashes down. If you wear mascara on your lower lashes, use a lighter hand than you did on upper lashes.
– To prevent clumping, allow mascara to dry in between coats. Apply one to two coats if you want a subtle look and two to three coats if you want a more dramatic effect.
-Don’t tug or rub when removing mascara because this irritates the eye area and can make lashes fall out. Soak a cotton ball with remover, press down on lashes to dissolve mascara, then gently wipe it away.

Tips from www.BobbiBrownCosmetics.com/learn

xoxo Zhana

Don’t You Dare Hair!

25 May

    For some of us summer is creeping up on us for others your summer woes are well seasoned. But either way we all struggled with what that I’m-bored-as-hell-hair. As the hair goes up the shabbier it may look! YIKES, I know. Fortunately, I’ve been lurking for those made-to-order updo’s that’ll pepper up your sexy for any chic event or picnic fun you may be indulging in this summer.

Top Bun it


                                                                   Chanel PFW Pre Fall 2011

Loose Roll Bun


                                                                                                     Luca Luca NYFW Fall 2011

Front Gilded Braid

                                                                                                      Erin Fetherson Fall 2011

Pulled Back Curl Lift

                                                                                        Suno Spring FW 2011


Sexier than Elvis

                                                                                             Met Ball 2011


                                                                   Marc Jacobs NYFW Fall 2011


Braided and Tucked

                                                                                                          Carolina Herrera NYFW Fall 2011


These are the updo’s I’m dying to try! What looks will you be digging this summer?? Tweet me your pictures www.twitter.com/ZhanaReid



xoxox Zhana

New Bathroom Goods I Can’t Help but Live by

23 May

As the Spring forges on, my hair gets a little frizzier, my skin starts to go haywire, and I need a little pick-me-up more often during those trying sweltering hot days than I would any other day. When it comes to getting that summer easy sexy look it can be annoying (to say the least) to go lurking for your go-to bathroom product that you’ll want to use every day. It’s not rocket science guys! Here’s a little guide to show you what I’ll be indulging in this summer.

Nix the Shine


There’s a thin line between glowy and oily skin. If you have oily skin you know exactly what I’m talking about! We have to protect ourselves from the strong ray with sunscreen but it can aid our over oily faces. So after you wash your face, use Avene Cleanance Anti-shine purifying lotion ($16) then apply your layers of sunblock and tinted moisturizer or whatever you use. See here’s how it works: it uses spring thermal water and mattifying powders to reduce shine and excess oil throughout the day.

Kick summer bumps and humps

Fact is when the sun is beaming on me it makes me sweat (profusely) which later I’ve determined caused gross pimples that I for one can’t stand! There’s nothing like a bump on date night that angers me more. So I pulled an old trick out of the bag and snagged St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub ($4). If you aren’t familiar with this prod I think you should get acquainted as soon as you can. Its oil free and gently scrubs to prevent blemishes and cleans pores. If your skin is dry use this prod only twice a week if you have oily skin (like me) use every other day.

Ante up your Nectar


As a kid summer days meant reeking of that odd outside stench. Those days are long gone! I try to get a yummy scent that he can’t resist. It smells very grapefruity but doesn’t over power the senses. I feel instantly happy when I sprits Thymes cologne in Agave Nectar ($32) on me.

Drench Your Curls in Cashmere


My hair has a mind of its own which isn’t quite conducive to my lifestyle (or any of ours). When the heat makes me sweat my hair gets dry and curly. There’s nothing worse than brittle curls. I debunk the crisp and tighten curls by using Curls Cashmere Curls ($20). The smell is just delightful but more importantly my hair is moisturized without the crumby build up! I just wet my hair about 20% and apply a small amount of the prod to my mane. Then use a diffuser for extra volume or let dry normally and go!

Get Electric


I’ll admit I’m not an eyeshadow girl. But when the summer months come in I live for awesome hints of electric. I stumbled across Givenchy Le Prismissime eyeshadow in acid lights 9-colors ($62) at Sephora. Yeah it’s a bit pricey but the colours are to die for. Just swipe one of these shadows on your eyelids for a quick pick-me-up!  

Ready SET Go




Don’t you hate that halfway through the day your makeup looks less than best. Fight the 5 pm less-than-best face with Avene Thermal Spring water ($7). Here’s how it works: spray onto face, be sure not to get to close to your face, as its drying fix foundation with fingers, sponge or brush. Not only does it set makeup it soothes sunburn and razor burn. Also refreshes.

Buff it up


Anyone who knows me knows I’m a nail polish fanatic. Problem is after a couple days the nail polish goes dull. Instead of applying so many layers of top coat I use Revlon’s Crazy Shine nail buffer ($3). Its such a great buy! It revives nail polish luster in seconds. On bare nails use the other side to even nails out.

What are your go-to prods this summer?

 xoxo Zhana

Mascara of the Week:Too Faced

23 May

To me a life without mascara is a life of non-sexiness and dull faced days! With the perf mascara you’ll feel sexy and it completes any look.

A good mascara has the right wand and superior formula, which I’ve been on a sick hunt for. I recently snagged Too Faced Size Queen Mascara in Pitch Black ($21) from Sephora. The brush is gynormous, which I’ll admit scared the living daylights out of me. But this keratin-infused formula complimented with a dual-helix brush has got me awestruck! It’s my go-to pump up my sexy ‘scara!

Tips of how to apply Mascara from Pat McGraph:

-First, get your basics right and make sure you know how to apply mascara properly. Move the mascara wand at the base of the lashes. Place the mascara at the roots and not the ends of the hairs to give a better look of length and depth.

-Then gently move the wand through the lashes and finally through to the ends, making slight ‘wiggle’ movements throughout. The small movements help separate the lashes.

-Finally, the last step is to close your eye and use the want at the top of the lash and pull through again to remove any clumps. Ideally you will have mascara that doesn’t clump!

 Tips from (www.vibrantbeautynetwork.com)

xoxo Zhana

I’m Zhana..

28 Apr

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